Senin, 09 Maret 2009

Blood Orange Truffles

Its been long time I didnt up date this blog.
Here is another my unique recipe for winter time.

I like the taste of blood orange which is origin from Sigonella Italy and Spain.

In Greece blood orange popular name is sanquini.

Here is the recipe for Blood orange truffles

1. 250 gr digestive biscuit or marie biscuit, blender until smooths.
2. 50 gram cocoa powder
3. 150 ml condensed milk
4.50ml blood orange juice


1. Blender biscuits in food processor until smooth almost like flour
2. Pour biscuit powder into big bowl and add cocoa powder. Mix until biscuit turn
to chocolate color.
3. Add condensed milk, stir with spoon until mix well.
4. Finallly add blood orange juice and keep stir with spoon then form into small
balls. Its little bit sticky when you form it no need to worry. Roll the balls into trufflle chocolate.