Jumat, 15 Februari 2008

Writing process

Yesterday a friend from mailing list ask me to give endorsement for his first script.
I read by scanning the script. Actually nothing is special or new as a the topic about motivation but he write with passion.

As for me, I considered that fresh idea is very important. You need to think alot, to read alot and use your imagination to get that idea. And it call "hinayah and hidayah" in term of spritual part.

Now I am in the process to finish my second script. God will, this second script will get published on June 2008. It's a destiny, this script the one I ignore will be the first to get published this year.

Yesterday my left leg hurt just because I take 'wudhu" bended on the ceramic bathtub. Winter time is difficult moment. When I focused on my leg then I felt hurt all over of my body. This morning I've try to forget about it and the feeling of hurt is dissappeared.

Dr. Hill states: "If you think you're sick, you are." How often do you allow yourself to focus on your illness rather than your health? When you are feeling fine and nothing ails you, do you give thanks to Infinite Intelligence for your well-being as Dr. Hill suggests? Do you require your Prince of Sound Health to keep your physical body healed and efficient at all times? To some, these actions may seem like mind games, however, today we know that our mind/body connection rules our health. Before going to sleep suggest to your subconscious mind that you will wake up healthy, happy, and terrific. With this command firmly stated and envisioned in your mind's eye, you subconscious mind will work while you sleep to make this a reality. No, it usually doesn't happen overnight, nor is it 100% predictable, but the success rate is higher than if you don't do it and it costs nothing but a positively directed thought as you drift off to sleep. As people who believe in self-help motivational literature, isn't it just common sense to practice what we preach?